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22 years Anniversary of 199 Hospital (11/06/1999 - 11/06/2021)

After 22 years of growth and development, 199 Hospital has gradually built its brand name as a hospital under People's Public Security Forces of the Central Mainland and Central Highlands provinces. The team of doctors and medical staff have been working hard every day to abide by professional medical ethics, Uncle Ho's lesson "A good doctor is like an affectionate mother" and constantly improving their skills to take care and protect health of every patient.

Throughout all this time, 199 Hospital has undertaken persisting efforts to research, create and renovate the quality of examination and treatment for patients, especially during the Covid-19 epidemic. Over the past 2 years, the "white shirt soldiers" of 199 Hospital always actively followed strict measures to prevent and control the pandemic, in order to ensure a safe medical examination and treatment environment for patients' sake.

Right from the early days of the pandemic, 199 Hospital admitted and treated more than 300 patients suspected of being infected with COVID-19, including 200 foreigners from 32 countries. Our Hospital together with Da Nang Hospital, Hospital C, Hoa Vang Hospital, and other hospitals in the area fighted against COVID-19 while other medical units in the area were blocked.

199 Hospital managed:

- To implement vaccination against COVID-19 for medical staff and doctors, officers and soldiers of Da Nang Municipal Police and in military units stationed in the area, a total of more than 1000 cases.
- Facing the COVID-19 pandemic, 199 Hospital has innovated its medical examination and treatment method by conducting medical examination and consulting for patients through applications such as IsofHcare, TeleHealth, AIhealth, etc., as well as deployed home medical examination and treatment services, online rehabilitation sessions to help patients recover unintermittedly.
- In response to the call of the Ministry of Health, 199 Hospital sent 50 doctors and medical staff to Bac Giang province to participate in the fight against the pandemic.
- To get approved by the Ministry of Health as a laboratory capable of testing for COVID-19. Currently, the Hospital performs rapid tests to resist the pandemic in the community.
- To cooperate with military and civil medical facilities to regularly implement preventive measures in Da Nang City to ensure the health of People's Public Security Forces. Besides, the Hospital is providing health instructions and educational sessions for civil servants and the community.
- With mentioned achievements in 2020, 199 Hospital was honored to receive the Certificate of Merit for pandemic prevention from the Prime Minister.

In addition to actively performing well in the pandemic prevention and control, 199 Hospital always is improving the capacity of its medical team by regularly organizing professional training sessions, inviting leading experts in the field of medicine and health to share their knowledge and experience with the hospital staff. 199 Hospital is interested in scientific research in alternative and conventional medicine, advanced and effective treatment methods, along with application of advanced technologies in healthcare sector.

199 Hospital supports professional cooperation inside and outside the industry to improve service quality with such organizations as Hanoi Medical University, Hue Central Hospital, Quang Nam General Hospital and major hospitals in Cuba, Korea, Japan, Italy, and Israel.

To mark the occasion of the 22nd Anniversary of the establishment of 199 Hospital (June 11, 1999 – June 11, 2021), the Head of Hospital Quach Huu Trung conveyed to his colleagues:

“The results that 199 Hospital has achieved in recent years are thanks to the entire medical team who have accompanied each other, firmly overcoming all difficulties and challenges. The mission of every "white shirt soldier" is to save people's lives, that is why each of us is constantly learning, perfecting ourselves, cultivating our abilities. We are not afraid of dangers, hardships and quietly take the lead in our lives on all fronts, especially in the fight against the "common enemy" in the form of COVID-19. In the coming days, I hope that all our medical staff will promote further the achieved results, always prioritize patient's health and well-being. When people come to our hospital, they should always feel secure and satisfied."