Removable Orthodontics (Removable Braces)


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Orthodontics (dental braces) has many methods, and removable orthodontics (removable braces) is one of the preferred methods by customers due to its high aesthetics and effectiveness.

What are removable braces?

Removable braces, or removable orthodontics, are easily removed or attached braces to the teeth for better dental care and oral hygiene, reducing discomfort and ensuring aesthetic appearance and giving a feeling of confidence while meeting people.

Removable orthodontics is meant to correct or prevent misaligned teeth by using appliances with appropriate frames for each condition (protrusion, overbite, underbite, contralateral bite, narrow jaws and so on).

Removable braces are different from fixed braces. Fixed braces are installed by the doctor, using archwires and brackets to straighten teeth. The cost of braces is also higher and you have to wear braces for a long time without taking them off. As for the removable braces, it is easier to attach, the cost is lower, and you can remove them without difficulties.

Who and when can wear removable braces?

This orthodontic technique is only suitable for correcting mild cases of teeth misalignment. But it is not effective with more complicated cases such as malocclusion or crooked teeth.

Instruments used for straightening are cumbersome and must be applied to many teeth at the same time, so it is not possible to straighten teeth in many directions. Removable orthodontics is mostly recommended to children from 8 to 12 years old. As a rule, these are mild cases that need simple straightening.

As soon as you detect that your child's teeth are misaligned, uneven, or you need orthodontic treatment, come to the Odonto-Stomatology Department of Hospital 199 at once for the best examination and medical consultation. With a team of experienced and highly capable doctors with many years of expertise in performing dental treatment such as orthodontics, we will bestow you a beautiful healthy smile.

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