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199 Hospital combats COVID-19 together with Healthcare sector of Da Nang city

Police officers serve as the pioneering force on the frontline against the pandemic. While Da Nang is a "hot spot" of the COVID-19 pandemic, 199 Hospital has combated along with Da Nang Healthcare sector helping organize isolation areas, testing and health care for police officers, local residents and foreign tourists.

199 Hospital carries out vaccinations against COVID-19 for its medical staff and soldiers.

In particular, we have taken specimens for testing for 41 officers of the 3rd Special Police Battalion (Tiểu đoàn Cảnh sát đặc nhiệm số 3), Mobile Police Command (Bộ Tư lệnh Cảnh sát cơ động), as they interacted with COVID-19 patients in Ha Nam province; conducted free COVID-19 tests for thousands of workers and people returning to Da Nang from pandemic areas, for divisions outside the Public Security Forces, to ensure that their production process bounce back. Colonel Quach Huu Trung, Head of 199 Hospital, said that to promote the prevention and control of the pandemic (PCD), starting in early May this year, 199 Hospital has deployed COVID-19 vaccination program for more than 1,000 people, including medical staff and doctors of the Hospital, officers and soldiers of Da Nang Municipal Police and divisions of the Public Security Forces stationed in the Central region.

In late May, early June of 2021, in response to an appeal of the Ministry of Health, 199 Hospital has sent 50 nurses, doctors and medical staff to join the combat against the pandemic in Bac Giang province.

Despite the complicated situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, 199 Hospital is still meeting the needs of people for medical examination and treatment uninterruptedly. In particular, in order to promptly respond to COVID-19 complications, prevent and control the pandemic, 199 Hospital has innovated its method of medical examination and treatment by uniting remote examination service and treatment consulting service through such applications as IsofHcare and TeleHealth, in order to develop response plans in advance, to strictly implement preventive and control measures, to guarantee a safe environment for medical examination and treatment, to prevent disease spreading, and to help patients stay safe when they need to be examined or treated.

199 Hospital also takes the initiative to divide patients into groups remotely before coming for examination or treatment and to strictly implement the Safety Guidelines for prevention and control of COVID-19. Following this approach, when patients come to the hospital for examination, they are checked on for their epidemiological history, reminded to disinfect hands, and wear masks. If a patient has symptoms of cough, fever, or suspected infection, he/she will go a separate way to a waiting area for thorough screening, disinfecting, and providing specimens for testing. If the result is negative, the patient will be transferred to the medical examination and treatment area as other patients.

We are wearing two uniforms, the 1st one is green, representing the selflessness of the police force, and the 2nd one is white, dedicated to saving people's lives. Medical staff at 199 Hospital always have a strong sense of responsibility and spare no effort to take care and protect civil servants and civilians, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. Over the past 22 years, 199 Hospital has gradually been recognized as a hospital under authority of the Public Security Forces of the Central Highlands provinces. Our medical team strive to abide by professional medical ethics, Uncle Ho's teaching "A doctor is like an affectionate mother" on daily basis, and constantly improve the healthcare service to look after health of the People's Public Security Forces and locals," said Colonel Quach Huu Trung.

Hoai Thu