Detection of fungi by conventional method in Da Nang

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Fungal infections, also called mycoses, are one of the causes of skin diseases today. Detection of fungi by conventional method accurately diagnoses fungal infections, thus helps to pick up the right treatment.

I. General information

Most pathogenic fungi are opportunistic parasitic infections that cause disease under certain circumstances such as immunodeficiency, cancer, organ transplant, neutropenic patients, diabetes, debilitated patients, patients on long term antibiotics, patients under prolonged use of corticosteroids. These conditions can lead to opportunistic fungal development. A person can be infected with fungi from the outside via respiratory tract (Aspergillus, Histoplasma, etc.), skin (Dermatophytes, Sporothrix schenckii, Candida, etc.).

Fungal infections can have very serious consequences, but are often asymptomatic and easily mistaken with other diseases. Therefore, accurate and timely testing for pathogens plays a very important role.

II. Fungal testing by conventional method in Da Nang

Sometimes the symptoms of a fungal infection are very similar to those of a bacterial or viral infection, whereas the medicine used to treat bacterial and viral infections will not be effective for treating fungal infections. That is why, a fungal testing will help verify if the infection is caused by a fungus or not.

It is important to monitor treatment effectiveness, as reinfection can easily happen. As a rule, fungus is hard to treat completely on the first try.

Preventing antifungal drug resistance due to the indiscriminate use of antifungal drugs, and at the same time identifying the cause of the disease help raise awareness among people and avoid spreading it in the community.

Accurately distinguishing pathogenic fungi as yeast or filamentous fungi ensures the right choice of antibiotic testing for each type of yeast or filamentous fungus.

III. Indications for fungal testing

+ Patients with potential lesions that could be related to fungi (peripheral, visceral, skin, hair, nails);

+ Patients who were hospitalized for a long time, put on a ventilator, with catheters, urinary catheters;

+ Patients with a persistent fever of unknown cause;

+ Patients with potential fungal infection in the lungs, bronchial fluid, pleural fluid, etc.

Patients can have the following symptoms:

+ Skin rash;
+ Itchy skin (pruritus);
+ Itching, irritation or discharge in the vagina and vulva (symptoms of vaginal yeast infection);
+ Leukoplakia (symptom of an oral yeast infection, known as oral thrush);
+ Hard or brittle nails.

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